Who We Are

We, at ForensicNursing.org, aim to be the premier resource for students interested in pursuing a degree or certificate in forensic nursing at any level. Our site not only gives you the raw facts and statistics on the subject, but also personal experiences and advice regarding education and working in this profession, all in an effort to provide you with everything you need to decide whether or not studying this subject is right for you.

Our site is built around a thorough expert discussion on the subject education and careers, that is refreshingly candid. Through this dialogue, our resident expert, aims to systematically and completely answer any and all questions you may have regarding the study of it.

We also provide you with a unique aptitude test to help you analyze how suited you are for a career in this field. Our short test is just 10 questions. It is specifically designed to aid you in analyzing your personality, in order to determine if you have the attributes necessary to succeed as a professional in this area.